At Key Risk Training Solutions, we listen to what our corporate clients have to say about their specific training requirements, and recognize the fact that skill levels and needs differ significantly from one industry to another, as well as the different environments in which their businesses operate within Asia.

We also recognize that corporate clients may see the need to invest in improving certain skills of individual staff, or entire departments.

To address this, we offer a unique service to corporations in support of an ever-increasing need for effective, informed and qualified investigators, investigation managers and researchers; who are required to operate in the complex commercial world of Asia.

In addition to the three unique courses aimed at those entering and pursuing their career in the private investigation or security industries, our stand-alone subject training modules can be customized to the needs of our corporate clients to address the specific training needs of their industries, their operating environment, and the career path of their employees.

Currently we offer the following training modules from which we are happy to offer bespoke courses that can be designed either around one, or a number, of these modules; or to design and deliver specific skill-focused courses from within our expertise. Click on any of the titles to open and download the full module description.


Module Description


IRL1 Investigator and Researcher Training Course, Level One
IRL2 Investigator and Researcher Training Course, Level Two
IRL3 Investigator and Researcher Training Course, Level Three
LEC Legal & Ethical Considerations
TIP The Investigation Process
IIT Introduction to Investigation Techniques
CII Conducting Corporate Internal Investigations
DWC Dealing with Confrontation
IAA Intelligence & Analysis
ICS Collection of Information from Open & Closed Sources Using the Internet
HIS Recruitment & Handling of Human Intelligence Sources
RPE Raid Planning & Execution – General Principles
EHP Evidence Handling & Photographing Samples
RAP Raid Actions – Protocols for Dealing with Computers
ACI Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
IIC Investigating the Internet Based Counterfeiting Trade
IFC Investigation of Fraud & Corruption
DDI Due Diligence Investigations
IST Interviewing & Statement Recording
NCI Non-confrontational Interviewing of Suspects
FCR Preparing Field & Client Reports
BFP How to Investigate and Eradicate Small Bribes & Facilitation Payments (under review)
USW Urban Surveillance Tactics Workshop (under review)
PIP Principles of Investigation Planning (under review)
BTR Behavioural Threat Recognition (under review)
BTP Bomb Threat Protocols (under review)
OAP Operational Appreciation & Planning (under review)
STA Security Threat Identification & Assessment (under review)
AIR Active Intruder, Hostage, & Barricaded Suspect Response (under review)
CRT Crisis Response Testing (under review)

Whatever the need, we are always happy to listen to your needs and help to find a training solution, and we are always happy to discuss fees appropriate to the requirements and number of attendees. For more information contact us here.