At Key Risk Training Solutions, we have the Vision to see operatives in the private investigation industry enable themselves with skills and recognition that will allow them to not only perform better for their clients, but also to conduct themselves in a safe and ethical way, which will add value to their service, and to the furtherance of combating malpractices and crimes in the commercial business World.

Key Risk Training Solutions shares, and is committed to, the values of –

  • Integrity.
  • Excellence.
  • Inclusivity.
  • Fairness.
  • Transparency.

And it is our further vision that our students will embrace these values as their own.

Our mission is to –

Deliver quality and relevant training content to practitioners engaged in private investigations, and those who manage investigations and investigators, to enable them to operate in an ethical, effective, and trustworthy manner.

At Key Risk Training Solutions, we subscribe to the highest ethical standards in our dealings with students, clients, partners and others that we deal with. We see this as an essential value in the private investigation industry, which underpins our entire philosophy in offering training to the industry.

Anti-corruption and privacy policy

Key Risk Training Solutions prohibits –

  • Engaging in, or tolerating, bribery or any other form of corruption.
  • Plagiarism and breach of copyright.
  • Misuse of personal data.

All personal data submitted by you, in whatever form, or collected from you by Key Risk Training Solutions, or our agents, is required for the purposes of delivering our course material, which will include for the purposes of quality assurance, complaint handling, offering new material, or design of new course material.

Your personal data will not be shared with any third party for any purposes, except those required for any legal process.

A full statement of our anti-corruption policy may be downloaded here.

A full statement of our policy on personal data collection and use may be downloaded here.