Security awareness, surveillance and protective security are other areas in which we can help individuals seek to widen their skill sets, or who might perhaps be transitioning from the police or armed services into the private security industry.

Our various partners, based in Malaysia, include former government operatives as well as combat veterans from the military and law enforcement fields; and offer a range of Worldwide accredited training and qualifications.

Areas in which they offer training include:

Close protection Surveillance and counter-surveillance
Security awareness in fragile environments/H.E.A.T. Executive protection & threat assessment
Reaction to armed assailant Security guarding

Among the certified courses offered is the UK Security Industry Authority’s Level 3 Close Protection marque, which is a UK Home Office recognized qualification, and is seen as being of the highest standard by companies looking to hire close protection operatives, as well as governments in hostile environments.

Our partners can also deploy close protection officers with Asia-centric military and law enforcement backgrounds, holding the UK Level 3 Close Protection qualification.

We can also assist corporate clients looking to engage protective security, conduct executive security programmes, or to up skill their existing operatives.

Should you be interested to learn more about this training, please contact us for a consultation.