Our curriculum is designed to appeal to practitioners of all levels, starting with an entry level course, to a development course, and culminating in a course aimed at those seeking to move on from researcher and investigative roles into case management and supervisory roles.

Discounts are offered for those completing one or more of our courses, in certain circumstances (see below).

Our Level One Training Course is designed to provide new career entrants, those transitioning from other careers, and those with limited exposure to the work required, with essential skills and knowledge for their expected level of work. Each module seeks to ensure that students gain confidence and skills to be effective and professional operators, thereby enhancing their careers. In addition, for up top six-months after successfully completing this course, we offer mentorship to allow students to clarify any issues they learned on the course, or to bounce ideas of us.

Level Two develops the skills learned at Level One, and on the student’s subsequent operational work experiences. Level Two ideally benefits those investigators and researchers with less than eighteen months operational hands on experience. The material covered in this training course focuses on enhancing capabilities, understanding and application as regards core investigation and research skills, and provides advanced practical exercises and problem-solving activities.

Level Three builds on the skills and knowledge learned from Levels One & Two, combining with the student’s on-going hands-on experience in the industry. The objective of Level Three is to train students to work independently on assignments, as well as develop critical thinking and basic leadership skills, thereby adding significant value to their involvement in the commercial side of the investigation services industry. Consequently, this level will benefit students who have a minimum of 18 to 24 months practical experience, as it covers in-depth understanding and problem solving within the environment of managing investigations.

Each course is made up of modules providing skills and expertise in practices, and at levels that, in our experience, are the most relevant to practitioners at that stage in their career in the industry (click on the title for full course description and PDF download).

IRL1 (Investigator and Researcher Training Course, Level One)

IRL2 (Investigator and Researcher Training Course, Level Two)

IRL3 (Investigator and Researcher Training Course, Level Three)

Details of individual modules offered under these courses may be found here.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided throughout all courses, however students will be required to arrange their own accommodation for the duration of the training. We can help with some recommendations.


We offer discounts for students who have completed the Level One (IRL1) or Level Two (IRL2) courses, as follows:

Students successfully completing both IRL1 and IRL2 courses will receive a 15% discount on the fee for the Level Three (IRL3) course.

Students successfully completing only the Level Two (IRL2) course will receive a 10% discount on the fee for the Level Three (IRL3) course.

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