From talking to our clients over the years, we have learned that one of the most important issues for them is that the training they provide for their staff, is delivered by highly proficient and experienced instructors in the disciplines they are teaching.

Key Risk Training Solutions instructors are all lifetime practitioners in business risk mitigation, the public and private and investigative domains, as well as the private security industry. Each are engaged in their own consultancy ventures, through which they maintain current and viable knowledge of the industry.

You can learn more about their expertise in their specialist areas from their profiles, below .

Robert Youill
Founder and Executive Director of Key Risk Training Solutions.
Fraud, brand protection, investigation, business leadership training consultant.

Robert is a highly qualified and experienced risk and investigations expert, having worked in law enforcement, as well as the private investigation and risk consulting business, over an extensive 40-plus year career. He has expertise in devising corporate strategies in connection with intellectual property (IP) and brand protection, and in enterprise risk management; as well as conducting investigations and providing consultancy services in respect of anti-counterfeiting, corporate fraud and corruption, asset searches, due diligence, security and asset protection.

In addition to several years as a police college instructor in his latter career in the Hong Kong Police, Robert was deeply engaged in extensive investigative work into organized crime activities, in which he earned numerous high-level commendations from the Police, as well as the Queen’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service.

Upon moving from law enforcement into the private business world, he built on his police knowledge and experience during a 20-year spell working in senior directorate roles with the International Federation of Phonographic Industries, where he combated IP theft, counterfeiting and fraudulent activity in the music industry across the Asia Pacific region; and, subsequently, the FTI Consulting global risk and consulting practice for China and Korea, where he specialized in conducting complex investigations involving brand integrity, fraud and corruption, as well as developing business intelligence, and carrying out due diligence, asset recovery, and other risk consulting services.

Throughout his life Robert has been greatly committed to developing teams and individuals, both those working under his direction, and as a Police instructor training newly recruited police inspectors. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Keele in England and became an educational professional prior to entering the law enforcement world. Since transitioning to the private sector, Robert has been frequently tasked to deliver training and awareness presentations to his corporate clients in a wide range of business risk issues, and to government agencies across Asia in the field of private sector investigations, enforcement and prosecution.

Robert is the author of a number of publications and is an accomplished speaker on the subject of business risk issues. He also specializes in developing and presenting private investigation industry training courses. He holds qualifications as a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist, Certified Protection Professional with the American Society for Industrial Security, as well as being a Graduate of the International Institute for Industrial Security.

Ken Davey
Managing Director, Key Risk Training Solutions.
Crisis management, leadership, planning and strategy training consultant.

With more than 40 years in law enforcement and risk consulting, Ken has been deeply involved in training, coaching, team and individual development. In his service with the Hong Kong Police, he spent 3 years as an instructor at the Police College, training newly recruited police inspectors in all aspects of their careers, covering not only police procedures, but also law and evidence, decision making, conflict management, and leadership. Ken was also an instructor at the Police Tactical Unit, responsible for training and testing teams in internal-security measures and police operational tactics, which also included training inspectors and superintendents in appreciation, planning, and briefing skills, as well as further developing their leadership skills.

Later in his career, Ken spent two years attached to the Hong Kong airport security provider, where he was Deputy Director of the Hong Kong International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Aviation Security Training Centre, responsible for programming and delivering ICAO training courses, and for training development in support of the Civil Aviation Authority of China, as well as developing in-house and commercially offered strategic management and aviation security training courses.

Ken is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator having run numerous workshops and focus groups on matters such as service improvement and culture change, throughout his service in the Hong Kong Police. During his final three years, he was the performance review consultant to the police force, and strategic advisor on service improvement to the Commissioner and Senior Directorate.

Since retiring as a chief superintendent, Ken has worked as an independent security risk consultant who specializes in threat identification and risk analysis; strategic and operational security management; full-cycle security auditing; and crisis management; as well as training development and delivery. He has conducted a number of comprehensive risk and security management audits, including for the Secretariat of the Hong Kong Legislative Council and the Hong Kong Baptist University, and which included identification of training needs for in-house security staff, and development of training strategy and curriculum.

Ken is trained in a wide range law enforcement, risk management and training disciplines, and has studied Terrorism Studies with the University of St Andrews. He also spent 12 years as a member of the HK Police EOD cadre and has extensive experience in developing tactical operations and responses.

Michael Cavanagh
Law enforcement advisor and training consultant

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Mike worked for 31 years for UK Customs and Excise before transferring to the UK Serious Crime Agency (SOCA, now the National Crime Agency [NCA]) at its inception, where he then worked for 5 years, and became the agency’s first SE Asia Country Manager, based at the British Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand as Regional Manager for the Mekong Sub Region. On retirement from SOCA, Mike took up an advisory role for the UK Border Agency in Bangkok before moving into the private sector engaged in the supply of specialist equipment and software to law enforcement and government agencies.

During his career in UK Customs as a Senior Investigation Officer, Mike was responsible for the planning and management of major domestic and international operations utilising intelligence, surveillance and intervention resources, from which he gained extensive experience in intelligence gathering, fraud investigation, surveillance, analytics, and a vast knowledge of border control regimes and controlled deliveries in numerous jurisdictions, in part in Asia and also during a five year deployment as UK Liaison Officer in Southern Cone Region South America, based in Buenos Aires covering Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

During his time based in Bangkok, Thailand, where he was responsible for Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao PDR, and Singapore, Mike gained in depth knowledge of the Indochina region, managing numerous successful operations, interventions and intelligence development projects, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies around the region. His considerable experience in compiling and conducting operational, tactical and strategic risk assessments were a key to success in these activities. He has extensive experience in illegal drug enforcement and fraud work in SE Asia.

Mike has a comprehensive understanding of current security risks and trends within the region, and a proven track record in delivering international technical assistance projects and training in SE Asia, India (UNODC), and South America, most recently as a trainer on a major UNODC Border Management and Training project. He also provides technical assistance in assessing, delivering and evaluating training projects.

Throughout his 20 years professional experience in international cooperation on criminal justice matters, and in particular during 12 years working in SE Asia, Mike has established a far-reaching personal and professional network with Senior Law Enforcement Commanders, Ministry of Public Security Officials, as well as relationships with commercial partners and end user clients, around the region.

Mike is currently an independent consultant providing advice, training and investigation services to agencies and companies around the ASEAN region.

Tony Headley
Law enforcement, investigations, and maritime security training consultant.

In a career spanning more than 40 years in the United Kingdom armed forces, law enforcement, and protective security, Tony has been engaged in a wide range of roles, including complex criminal investigations, surveillance, disaster victim identification, large event security management, maritime security, high-risk asset protective security, and training design and delivery.

Tony is widely experienced in training delivery, having been a military trainer, a police and detective trainer, and as a qualified ISPS trainer covering areas such as anti-piracy, theft, and maritime safety. His personal skills range from investigation management, financial and digital investigation, surveillance and intelligence gathering. He is a certified close protection operative and qualified financial investigator.

During his 23 years of service in the British Metropolitan Police Force, he was involved in complex law enforcement roles, which included tactical policing response; large scale event and crowd management; counter terrorism planning and incident response; as well as a key role in developing and running covert surveillance operations against organized crime targets, and offenders involved in highly sensitive criminal activities.

After leaving the police service, Tony became involved in providing protective maritime security in Singapore, and was a trainer under the STCW 2010 (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping) and the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code. He is also highly experienced in high-value asset protective security, having been responsible for post security at the British High Commission in Singapore for three years, which saw him performing a wide range of duties involving physical security of premises, personnel vetting, as well as risk and site security assessments for personnel and visiting dignitaries.

Kris Lee
Corporate fraud and anti-corruption SME

With 30 years working in law enforcement, internal corporate investigation, and private consulting, Kris has been heavily involved in a wide spectrum of fraud and corruption work, as well as providing related training to professionals and the public.

Kris served with the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption, where he conducted investigations into a wide range of complex and syndicated corruption, public and private sector corruption, commercial fraud, election bribery, insurance fraud, and credit card counterfeiting. He also gained extensive experience conducting internal investigations, as part of the ICAC’s Internal Investigation Group, and also had responsibility for vetting candidates for senior and sensitive positions within the ICAC and other government departments. He is also well experienced in intelligence gathering, firearms and close protection, informant handling, and running undercover operations. Kris also received formal surveillance training.

In the private sector, Kris spent 10 years as the head of internal investigations for two US Fortune 100 companies in Asia. Apart from conducting investigations into employee fraud, embezzlement, vendor fraud, IP fraud, conflict of interest and other internal matters, Kris also provided in-house training on ethics and compliance as well as fraud awareness.

Kris has been invited to share his knowledge as a speaker, for more than a decade, at numerous seminars and conferences around the Region, on topics of corporate governance, ethics, fraud investigation skills, interview skills, procurement and logistics fraud.

Kris is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Hong Kong Chapter), for whom he was also the Training Director from 2012 to 2014 and Chapter President between 2017 and 2018. In 2012 as the Chapter designated speaker, he provided training to other professional bodies, private and public sector organizations, NGOs, government departments and schools, in investigation skills, interview skills, ethics and fraud awareness. Since then he has also been jointly hosting an 8-session Fraud Investigation Training Course with the Criminology Department of the University of Hong Kong.

Since moving into the private consulting field in 2013, Kris has been providing his expertise in corporate fraud, crisis and security advice, due diligence, surveillance operations, litigation support, business intelligence and locating individuals, to private clients. Kris is also a consultant on crisis management and response, dealing with kidnap, ransom, extortion (KRE), and related crisis.

Steve K Lee
Intelligence, security operations, and IP protection SME

Steve has a career spanning more than 40 years in the US military and corporate security, before founding his own consultancy service. Steve has a wide range of experience in the Asia region, having worked in corporate security, strategic planning, and investigative roles with Fortune 100 corporations in the electronics and automotive industries.

In the corporate field his responsibilities included running security operations in the Asia region; strategic planning; corporate investigations; developing business intelligence; developing investigation strategies brand and intellectual property protection issues; providing security and investigation training to senior executives and regional leadership; crisis management; and safeguarding personnel and facilities around the region.

Prior to moving into the corporate world, Steve served in the US army and Department of Defense. Before retiring he reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, and served in multiple roles focused on the Asia region, chief among which was as Senior Operations Officer with the US Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, directing military intelligence operations in support of U.S. military interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Steve is the founder and managing partner of a Seoul based company providing investigation services in brand and intellectual property protection, as well as gathering and analyzing intelligence for regional security partners. He holds a Masters of Arts in Public Administration and is a Certified Protection Professional.

Steve Wordsworth
Crisis management, leadership and aviation security training consultant.

Steve has a career spanning more than 38 years in leadership and crisis response roles, as well as compliance and aviation security.

During a 35 year career in law enforcement in the Hong Kong Police, from where he retired as a chief superintendent, he held senior command positions with many front-line units, as well as at the Police Tactical Unit, where his portfolio covered teaching and coaching in public order tactics, counter-terrorism, team and individual development. Steve has also commanded the Hong Kong Police Counter-Terrorism and Internal Security Division, and additionally served as a member of the EOD Cadre.

Steve has extensive experience in planning and execution of major operations including the removal of essential equipment from Kai Tak to Chek Lap Kok Airport in 1998, being one of the most significant time-critical peace-time exercises of its kind. Over the years, he has direct experience in implementing and testing security management and crisis response frameworks.

Since retiring from the Hong Kong Police, Steve has migrated into aviation security and has developed extensive experience in a wide range of aviation security issues and has obtained globally recognised aviation security qualifications related to designing and delivering training material for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), both as a developer and instructor. He is now a senior instructor with the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy, where he lectures on aviation security protocols, behavioural detection and emergency response. He has also taught crisis management, operational planning, crowd management and control, among other subjects, and is mentoring serving Hong Kong police officers in leadership skills.

Steve is a Fellow of the Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies, Hawaii were he studied counter-terrorism and red-teaming, while also holding a number accreditations in facilitation, quality management, and risk assessment.

John J Shanahan
Corruption, ethics and governance investigations training SME.

John has over 32 years of experience in Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Operations Department, tackling corruption, corporate fraud, money laundering and associated crimes. Prior to joining the ICAC he was a police officer in the UK and spent the majority of his career in the Criminal Investigation Department. In the ICAC, John was a Principal Investigator in charge of investigations and gained extensive experience investigating both private and public sector corruption, including areas of police corruption and election rigging, both in Hong Kong and internationally. He has conducted investigations relating to anti-money laundering (AML) and asset tracing involving major corruption-based frauds, and has given evidence in courts in Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, the Channel Islands, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, and the USA. His considerable experience also includes conducting undercover operations.

During his final seven years with the ICAC, John was Director of Training and Professional Development, and was responsible for all aspects of training within the ICAC, both locally and overseas, from recruit level through to senior command courses, including specialist investigative training, financial investigations, law, ethics and integrity, and he also had overall responsibility for confrontation management and tactical firearms training. John was also responsible for writing and updating the internal regulatory regimes that set out the operational standards of conduct for ICAC officers, and their compliance with the law, as well as Ethics Manager for the ICAC intranet ethics resources site.

John has lectured on corruption and ethics to the Hong Kong Police Junior, Intermediate and Senior Command Courses, and on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Public Integrity Investigations and Corruption Courses at the International Law Enforcement Academy, Bangkok. He was also a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Working Group on Money Laundering Typologies and was a member of the FATF Project Team that published “Laundering the Proceeds of Corruption”, a FATF publication dealing with grand corruption and Politically Exposed Persons.

John currently provides independent investigation services and advice on anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, ethics and good governance. He is the recipient of the ICAC Medal for Meritorious Service and the United Kingdom Police Medal for Exemplary Service.

Kenneth Wright
Intellectual property protection and information security training SME.

Kenneth is an experienced intellectual property professional, with more than 20 years experience working with the European Union and various government authorities in over 70 countries, to protect and enforce intellectual property rights, participating as a subject matter expert or project leader in multiple international projects. He has a detailed understanding of tools to analyze strengths and weaknesses in, and formulate, legislation, policy initiatives, national strategies, guidance to enforcement institutions, training needs, capacity building, and awareness campaigns. He has a deep knowledge of forensics investigation with regards counterfeiting and intellectual property protection and is currently an adviser to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

As well as being a skilled project manager, intellectual property strategist, conference organizer and trainer he has, together with many years working in the public and private sector, a background with the Hong Kong Police in intelligence operations and investigations against narcotics and counterfeit pharmaceuticals, working alongside the World and Asia region’s leading law enforcement bodies.

Following a move into the private sector, Kenneth worked in the phonographic industry, combating counterfeiting through investigations, intelligence gathering and forensic analysis. As well as his investigative and organizational skill-sets, Kenneth is also an accomplished trainer and during this time became head of the Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Training Sub-Group.

Kenneth holds a Master of Science in Information Security from the University of London and is a member of the European Union Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. He is also trained in computer forensics, and intelligence gathering and analysis.

Rau Patrick
Lead Trainer of Key Risk Training Solutions.

Ray Patrick has over 21 years experience in the field of private investigation, primarily in anti-counterfeiting operations, corporate fraud and anti-bribery compliance. He has extensive field experience across Asia Pacific. He is also an accomplished trainer and public speaker on the subject of corporate risk.

Ray began his investigation career in 1998 with a leading Malaysian security firm as an investigator prior to being recruited by IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries) in 2001 where he spent the next 10 years managing the country’s investigation and enforcement team as well as overseeing numerous complex multi-jurisdictional investigations into copyright theft.

After leaving IFPI, he established his own business risk consultancy which he quickly built into one of Malaysia’s leading international security and risk mitigation firms, focusing on anti-counterfeiting operations and other corporate investigations. Ray has successfully conducted over 1200 investigations and raids in numerous South-East Asian countries During this time he has established close working relationships with various law enforcement agencies across the region and is regularly called upon to provide training and other presentations on the subject of private investigation activity in the corporate environment. Ray has also conducted numerous seminars and training courses for corporations across the region on the subject of anti-bribery management, ethics and compliance issues.

Ray is the lead trainer for Key Risk Training Solutions in Malaysia and is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Tamil. In addition to his private investigation capabilities he is a Certified Anti-Terrorism Expert