Security Awareness training workshop for Digi Telecommunications, Malaysia, April 2019

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Telecommunication companies with a major customer-facing profile, as well as vital infrastructure to protect, face all kinds of threats to its operations from natural disasters, equipment failures, corporate terrorism, insider theft, vandalism, burglary, loss of client and staff confidence, as well as a host of deliberate or asymmetrical attacks on front-line staff, whether sales, customer service, or security.

It is not only vitally important to have the right kind of staff to plan for and provide safety and security, but it is also of utmost importance to keep them aware of the myriad threats that they might face; to have them develop a good understanding of the processes of threat identification, assessment and risk management, appreciation and planning; how to prepare for and react to crisis contingencies; how to initiate and run internal investigations; and how to think outside the silo in terms of integration of their planning and response responsibilities within the organization.

Key Risk Training Solutions was engaged by Digi Telecommunications of Malaysia, through 7Point8 Sdn Bhd, in April 2019, to provide a two-day workshop in security awareness, risk assessment, crisis response, and principles of internal investigation, so that their security management team, already possessing a wide range of skills and experience from their police, military, cyber and corporate security backgrounds, could be brought to a comparable level of understanding of their roles in integrated security management.

Identifying threats, and especially ones you feel vulnerable to, is the keystone of contingency planning so, as well as detailed training and exercises in conducting threat identification and assessment, we delivered specific guidelines on strategies and methods to deal with insider-threat loss, executive protection, and corporate terrorism, as well as for dealing with active intruder and hostage taking type incidents. Along with principles for the organization to consider, we gave advice on guidelines for staff and security to keep themselves and others safe in such incidents, and on their role in assisting the law enforcement authorities before, during and after.

More details of our comprehensive training development programs and bespoke corporate training for security staff and those engaged in uncovering information, may be found at our website

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