Non-confrontational interviewing course held with a major global law firm in Shanghai, China

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Over a two day period in September 2018 in Shanghai, Key Risk Consulting Asia were pleased to have had the opportunity to present our tailored training course in Non-Confrontational Interview Techniques, to partners, staff, and associates of DLA Piper UK LLP’s Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong offices, by tele-conferencing link.

The training had two main aims, first to introduce the principles of legality, ethical behaviour, statement taking (taken voluntarily in a non-confrontational style), and compilation of reports produced with strict attention to process and detail; by which we believe investigators in the private sector should be required to adhere when engaged by law firms, corporations, IP consultants, and similar. The second aim was to introduce the elements required to prepare for and conduct a non-confrontational interview, including an introduction to the body language of deceit and detecting lies through non-verbal, as well as verbal, cues.

Key Risk’s partners have long considered that the quality of investigation and reporting in the private sector, and delivery of the essential product to the client, fall far below the professional standards often necessary not only for judicial process, but also simply for good and fair practice in handling interviews of staff engaged in inappropriate behaviour or malpractices.

While there are a number of excellent courses in the market aimed at improving private investigative techniques, they are, in the main, aimed mostly at the North American and European sectors, that we feel do not address differences in local laws and cultures sufficiently in the Asian market.

With partners from a number of different cultures and more than 200 years investigative experience in law enforcement and private investigations, Key Risk Consulting Asia has put together a comprehensive interviewing course, aimed at raising investigative standards in the private sector, while sharing our experience in diverse cultures.

The Non-Confrontational Interview training module is one of a suite of professional modules in our Private Sector Investigation curriculum, which include a wide range of subjects such as intelligence gathering and analysis, evidence handling, planning and mounting operations, anti-counterfeit investigations, and due diligence investigations, marketed at the private investigative sector, and for entities who engage and manage private investigators as part of their business.

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