The Level Three course focuses on building on the skills and knowledge from IRL1 and IRL2, and builds on a student’s hands-on experience in the industry. As such the overall objectives of this course is to train students to work independently on assignments as well as developing basic leadership skills, thereby adding significant value to their involvement in the commercial side of the investigation services industry.

Consequently, we recommend that the Level Three training will benefit students who have at least 18 months to two years practical experience and will cover in-depth understanding, application and appreciation of problem solving within the various investigator and research fields, as well as basic principles of operational planning and investigation management. Successful completion of the Level Three course will equip the student to take on the responsibility of investigation management, assuming some client facing responsibilities, and to understand the value of comprehensive and analytical briefings as well as investigation result reporting.

The course is taught over 3 days by experienced lecturers with a diverse background in the fields of investigation, research and leadership. The training will consist of classroom sessions supplemented by hands on role-playing and the application of skills learnt in a variety of scenarios. The course will conclude with a sample case management scenario exercise to test the student’s understanding and practical application of the course material. Successful completion will lead to the award of an internationally recognized certification.


The Level Three course consists of the following individual subject modules:

Code Course Description
LEC Review of Legal & Ethical Considerations in the Asia
PPS Principles of Problem Solving
POL Principles of Leadership
LER Understanding Legal & Evidential Requirements for
Different Types of Investigations
PIP Principles of Investigation Planning
PMI Principles & Techniques for Monitoring Investigations
BCC Budgeting & Its Effect on the Investigation Planning
PDB Preparing & Delivering Comprehensive Investigation
BMH Basic Media Handling Skills
Assessment Practical Assessment

On conclusion of the course participants will receive a comprehensive set of student notes and certificate of completion.

3-day course

This course will be of value to students who aspire to move into a more managerial role, and therefore have a minimum of 18 months hands-on operational experience within the private or public investigation environment, as well as those who have completed the Level One (IRL1) or Level Two (IRL2) courses. The Level Three course will also benefit students who have similar experience within the fields of internal audit, internal security, or compliance related responsibilities.