This training course is designed to build on the skills learned in our Level One Training Course, and on the experience of students who have been employed and exposed to some operational work experience. In this regard, the Level Two course will ideally benefit those investigators and researchers who have less than two-years operational hands-on experience. The material covered in this training course will feature enhanced skills, understanding and application of the core investigation and research skills covered in the Level One training, together advanced practical exercises and problem-solving activities.

The course is taught over 3 days by experienced lecturers with a diverse background in the fields of investigation, research and problem-solving skills. Training consists of classroom sessions supplemented by hands-on role-playing and the application of skills learnt in a variety of scenarios. The course will conclude with a one-and-a-half-hour multiple-choice examination paper that, on successful completion, will lead to the award of an internationally recognized certification.


The Level Two course consists of the following individual subject modules:

Code Course Description
LEC Review of Legal & Ethical Considerations in the Asia Region
ICS Collection of Information from Open & Closed Sources –
Advanced Techniques
HIS Recruitment & Handling of Human Intelligence Sources
ACI Principles of Fraud & Corruption Investigations, & Related
Research Skills
DDI Level One, Two & Three Due Diligence Investigation &
Research Skills
IST Advanced Interviewing & Statement Recording
RPE Raid Planning & Execution – General Principles.
RAP Raid Actions – Protocols for Dealing with Computers
IIC Investigating the Internet Based Counterfeiting Trade
FCR Preparing Professional Client-Ready Investigation &
Research Reports
Exam Level Two Multiple-Choice Examination

On conclusion of the course participants will receive a comprehensive set of student notes and certificate of completion.

3-day course

This course will be of value to students who have some operational experience within the private or public investigation environment, as well as those who have completed the Level One Training Course. It will also benefit students who have some experience within the fields of internal audit, corporate security, compliance responsibilities, as well as legal practitioners who have an oversight responsibility of those involved in conducting private investigation assignment