In the private investigation industry, there are many who join the profession with little or no prior experience, other than third-hand and often unreliable influences, and as a result quickly find themselves out of their depth, unable to comply with appropriate legislation, gather information ethically, or mitigate the risks unique to the industry. This exposes not only themselves, but also their employers and clients, to risk.

This introductory level course has been designed to provide new entrants to the private investigation industry, as well as those who have limited exposure to the work required, with a range of essential skills and knowledge to enable them to quickly become effective investigators or researchers. Each subject module has been carefully designed and presented to ensure students gain confidence and skills that will ensure they are effect and professional operators, thereby enhancing their careers.

The course is taught over 3 days by experienced lecturers with a diverse background in the fields of investigation and research. Training consists of classroom sessions supplemented by many case examples, hands-on practical sessions and a one-hour multiple-choice examination paper that, on successful completion, leads to the award of an internationally recognized certification.


The Level One course consists of the following individual subject modules:

Code Course Description
LEC Legal & Ethical Considerations
TIP The Investigation Process
IIT Introduction to Investigation Techniques
DWC Dealing with Confrontation
ICS Collection of Information from Open & Closed Sources
PSE Basic Photography & Evidence Handling Skills
ACI Basic Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations & Research
DDI Basic Due Diligence Investigation & Research Skills
IST Basic Interviewing & Statement Recording
FCR Preparing Professional Field Investigation Reports
Exam Level One Multiple-Choice Examination

On conclusion of the course participants will receive a comprehensive set of student notes, certificate of completion as well as three months complimentary access to our Mentor Chat Room to enable graduates to seek guidance from our instructors on matters relating to the subjects taught in our Level One course.

3-day course

This course will be of value to students who are entering the private investigation industry, or who have limited on-the-job experience as an investigator, or junior researchers seeking to develop their career, it will also benefit internal auditors, corporate security, compliance officers, and junior legal personnel, who want to gain an understanding of the private investigation industry.